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Wake Up 77 Minute Dance Improv

About the Show:

This 77 Minute Dance Improv show features 17 emerging dance artists who will perform with improvised lighting and music by DJ ZAL that is selected on the night live.

Performers Include:

Justine Gines, Cheryl Chan, Mio Sakamoto, Emily Spearing, Lauren Runions, Oriah Weirsma, Damian Norman, Gavin Law, Sam Yang, Tyler Angell, Yui Ugai, Alessia Di Carlo, Chimira Andres, Will Hamilton, Brianna Salmon, Mikaela Demers, Paige Frappier.

Artistic Director: Dave Wilson; Lighting Designer: Patrick Brennan

Show Info:

Dates: Thursday October 13, Friday October 14, Saturday October 15, 2016. 8:00pm show, doors open at 7.45pm.

Tickets: $15 at door or reserve on Facebook - Wake Up 77 Minute Dance Improv

Company projects info: Fb - Parahumans