Main Theatre Rental Rates


Performance Rental Package - 4 hours 6-10 p.m.


  • Theatre Rental

  • Technical Director

  • Front of House Manager

  • Two Ushers

  • Theatre: $240.00

  • Technical Director: $140.00

  • Front of House Manager: $ 100.00

  • Ushers: $ 120.00

  • Video Projection fee: $ 50.00 per performance


Theatre rentals are based on a minimum booking of 4 hours, generally 6 pm – 10 pm.

Important Notes:

The space MUST be returned to 'studio mode' at the end of each tech/show night (floor space completely cleared and masking brought up), and any set elements must be able to fit into a 10' x 4' area beside the seating risers.

Please read the Tech Info Package to make sure our venue is right for your show.

Theatre performances require a FOH Manager, Ushers and a Technician.

Upon contract signing the licensee must provide 15% of the total fee (a non-refundable deposit), a cheque for 35% of the total license, dated one month prior to the opening night of the event as well as a cheque in the amount of $300 as a damage deposit. The remaining balance of the total license fee (50%) will be due 1 week after closing night.


Reception area packages are available. Contact Us to discuss.